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Hi! I am Laura

I am so happy you are here! I am a busy mom of three boys

balancing motherhood, business and wellness.

When we found out we were pregnant with our first son, the first place my husband and I went was a book store to purchase a pregnancy book. I feel in love with learning about all the amazing things our bodies can do and how everything we do, drink, eat, and apply can affect us and the baby. 

I fell in love with the idea that our babies even from the womb can be stimulated! Because of my first pregnancy and since my first pregnancy I became more health conscious.We started mommy and me classes at about 10 weeks old. The more I learned about their little brains the more fascinated I was.

Fast forward to a when my son was a year old I started my physical therapist assistant program where I kept learning and growing as a professional a mother and an individual.Since my first son was very little I loved sharing things with other moms. From early childhood stimulation tips to healthy snacks and mom hacks.

I started teaching Zumba while I was in physical therapy school.I love love love to dance. Zumba was perfect for me.I got certified in many Zumba formats but I fell in love with teaching Zumba Gold, which is a Zumba format for active older adults or special needs. It is Zumba at a lower intensity. It was such a beautiful job. I had 80,90 year olds dancing, smiling and teaching me.

After I graduated I had to cut back from teaching Zumba and focused on my career as a therapist. Shortly after we were expecting my second son, Nicolas. I worked at the hospital throughout my whole pregnancy and also danced through it too. I will never forget I had him the day after I walked about 3 miles on a university campus while finalizing the registering process to start my bachelor’s degree one day prior to his birth. ( I really think all that walking was why I had him the next day!)

I started my program in June of 2014  and graduated with my Health Science bachelor degree May of 2016.  After I had him, I was focused on my boys,working at the hospital per diem, my Zumba classes ( the few that I had)  and school.

Two months after I finished school (God’s timing)  I got an email to attend a  training. I got trained and started teaching right away. I love music and movement. I love everything it entails. I love that I can combine my career, passion and knowledge all in one. It started as something small, that I was doing on the side and it grew to something so amazing.

After I had Santiago my third baby boy, I decided I wanted to keep my flexibility, be present as much as possible and follow my heart and passion by sharing what I know.


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